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Company Profile

Our company has been established by Yüksel AKGÖL in Hatay / Turkey in 20212. In the beginning as a family based business, the mission of the company was only domestic marketing  in Turkey. Then in order to meet the increasing demand and to compete with transnational – overseas trade standards; the institution  newly constructed in 2011 has been got into full swing under the name  of AKGÖL SEAFOOD  ( Akgöl fishery- aquaculture limited liability company). From now on we have started own manufacturing and trading operation.  We operate in our facility which located 2000 m2 area in Antakya. In addition we have a variety of fresh-frozen products. Our frozen products are Atherina Boyeri, Octopus vulgaris, Loligo vulgaris, Sepia officinalis, Shrimp. Our main trade operation is Europe. Especially we work with European and USA companies.

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  • fresh and frozen fish
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  • 030273030284030211030285030214030743030617030752030389