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Company Profile

Our company, which was founded as a sole proprietorship in 1988 and has been carrying out wholesale-retail trade on chicken meat, continued to grow as a joint Stock Company in 2001 with the participation of the second generation. In 2004, with a facility that is extending over an 832 m2 closed area and is dedicated to shred and package in Antakya Organized Industrial Zone the company began to spread. Chicken meat distribution activities inside the province across the country.

Our company which started its exports of the frozen chicken meat in 2012, began to produce in a closed area of 6,000 m2 in 2019, exported to 13 countries on 4 continents, and has continued to grow.

Our company, which has been on a steady growth path for years, was one of the 100 fastest-growing companies in Turkey, which was determined through TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) between 2015 and 2017. This development has been a source of our satisfaction and perseverance.

Our company, which prioritizes new product development and closely follows technological innovations offers foods to cover your protein needs such as chicken, turkey, fish, and beef in the categories of processed and frozen meat (IQF) ready for consumption.

Thanks to our innovative products and technological investment, we have determined that our target market is countries all over the world where free world trade is possible and being carried out our works with excitement.

Our facility, which produces in accordance with the TSE EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which is considered world-renowned to achieve this goal, also has a Food Safety Management System in accordance with TS EN ISO 22000 requirements.

All of our products are not only produced in accordance with halal standards, each of our brands has but also halal certificate provided by The Turkish Standards Institution.

The products of Akdeniz Entegre Gıda A.Ş. have been exported under the brands of 'Mortella', 'Lunchone', 'Alatyab', 'Akdeniz Entegre ZAİN', 'Harbiye Piliç' and 'Belkis Piliç'.

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Harbiye Piliç Whole Halal Chicken
Akdeniz Whole Halal chicken
Belkis Whole Halal Chicken
Belkis Whole Halal Chicken
Mortella Fish Luncheon
mortella Beef Luncheon
Mortella Turkey Luncheon
Mortella Chicken Lucnheon
Luncheon Spicy Chicken Luncheon
Luncheon Spicy Chicken Luncheon
Luncheon Spicy Chicken Luncheon
Luncheon Chicken Luncheon
Luncheon  Chicken Luncheon
Luncheon  Chicken Luncheon
Mortella Turkey Lunchone Meat
Mortella Chicken Lunchone Meat
Lunchone Chicken Luncheon Meat
Lunchone spicy Chicken Luncheon Meat
Lunchone  Chicken Luncheon beef flovour  Meat
Alatyap Chicken Luncheon Meat
zain  Chicken Luncheon Meat
Akdeniz Shawarma
Akdeniz Entegre Halal Chicken Breast
Akdeniz Entegre Halal Chicken Breast
Harbiye Chicken Breast
Belkis Chicken Breast
alatyap  tenderloin
Zain  tenderloin