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Company Profile

The foundation of BEYPI Inc. has been laid with BEYYEM Inc. BEYYEM Inc. has been established in Beypazarı/ANKARA for compond feed production.Plant has been started to production in October, 1981.

To product chicken meat, our company has been founded in leadership of BEYYEM Inc. in 1986. In August of 1987, BEYPI Inc. has been started to chicken meat production in the established slaughter house in Goynuk/BOLU. This activity has been brought to an integrated situation by realized breeder houses, hatchery and broiler houses. Investments has been started in Beypazarı and then continued in Bolu. Second hatchery, feed mill and slaughter house with many breeder and broiler houses investments has been realized in Bolu.

On chicken meat production, variation of products has been provided to reach cooked products, subsidiary investments to support feed production has been realized as full fat soybean meal .

The centre of company has been carried to Bolu in 1995.

In 2004, BEYYEM Inc. has been participated with all foundations to BEYPI Inc. Thus, BEYPI Inc. has been brought to a very strongly structure.

BEYPI Inc. continuously takes place amongst the biggest Turkish Industrial Companies and takes great pride to be first in many subjects in its own industry.

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