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Türkiye's strategic asset: Automotive Industry

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The history of the Turkish automotive industry has a relatively brief past, but a powerful impact.
The journey, starting from the mid-1950s and gaining momentum in the early 1960s, has reached a stunning standing point of thousands of companies, a workforce of hundreds of thousands, high-quality products, and export records. Alongside passenger cars and light commercial vehicles that the world production centers of Turkish manufacturers are now producing for global companies, the Turkish supplier industry boasts ample potential for exports with its large capacity, a wide variety of products, and high standards.
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Powerful Industries
The automotive main and supplier industries in Türkiye, the world’s 13th largest economy, are major drivers of the economy.  As the third-largest commercial vehicle manufacturer of Europe, the Turkish automotive industry consists of a the main industry, which produces motor vehicles, and supplier industry, which manufactures components, parts, modules, and systems fitting these vehicles. Turkish automotive companies have been in close contact with foreign ones. 
Major international companies from all over the world have set up joint ventures with the domestic Turkish establishments and are continuously enlarging their investments through the global sourcing philosophy that international automotive main industry companies use to reach new markets, with Türkiye serving as a springboard.
Powerful Experiences
Türkiye is also playing an increasingly important role in the supplier industry as an exporter and manufacturer. Along with local manufacturers with nearly 60 years of experience in the automotive supplier industry, there are also world brands that have significant investments in Türkiye. 
Our supplier industry companies had a chance to become a “co-designer” of the main industry companies for global production. This allowed them to reach a prominent position with their long years of experience and know-how.

Engine Standards

National Advantages
A customs union with the EU and the EU candidacy of Türkiye led to the adoption of EU product and environmental standards in the Turkish automotive industry. With respect to these principles, most of the Turkish companies have already acquired EU certificates of quality.

As a result, the automotive industry attained a very advanced stage in technological and international certifications (ISO 9002, QS 9000, ISO 14000, etc.), so as to turn its production towards OEM companies operating in developed western countries. The export of the Turkish automotive industry to EU countries covers 77% of the total automotive exports in 2019, which is an indicator of the level of technology attained by the Turkish automotive sector.

Product Types
Trucks and pick-ups
Buses, minibuses, midibuses
Passenger Cars
Automotive parts and components
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Engine of Development

The ideas, designs, and projects of the automotive industry find their way into a competition that is held every year. The Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association (OIB) organizes “The Future of Automotive Design Competition” with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Trade and with the coordination of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM). The objective of the competition is to encourage the development of unique and innovative designs for the automotive industry, to bring together the innovative project suggestions of manufacturers and exporters, and to turn these projects into partnerships.

Force of Collaborations

The automotive industry has signed its name to many firsts and with its collaboration with main and supplier industry corporations ranging from exports to Türkiye's first automotive high school, the first and only project of social responsibility in its field. It has pushed the boundaries of environmental awareness with a new concept of the world.

Right Price

Since the products are obtained at an affordable cost, the import cost is also affordable.

Integrated Force

The automotive industry is deeply integrated with many fundamental and locomotive sectors such as iron and steel, petrochemicals, textiles, glass, electronics, and machinery. The input the industry contributes to these sectors, its sales revenues, the added value it creates, the real export value realized, and its tax and wage potential have assigned it a key role in the economy. Moreover, the industry and its raw material and supplier industries also generate a huge volume of business and employment for the marketing, dealership service, fuel, financing, and insurance sectors, all of which are key factors in the delivery of automotive products to the consumer.

Easy Transportation

The importance of Türkiye's geopolitical position, logistics facilities and developments in land, sea, and air transport have made transportation easier in recent years.

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