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of Canned Tastes
The fruit and vegetable processing industry in Türkiye was established in the early 1900s and showed significant developments during the planned development period.
The sector mainly consists of pickles, temporary canned vegetables, and canned fruit and vegetable production. Canning production plants are concentrated in the Aegean and Marmara regions in number and capacity due to the raw materials needed by the industry being more abundant and higher in quality there.
Meet the canned tastes
Tastes from Türkiye
A third of the fruits and vegetables exported from Türkiye are canned products. According to 2019 data, it has taken its place in the world market with exports of $542 million. Approximately 25% of its total exports were to Iraq, while 50% were to Germany, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Italy. The remaining exports are split between 141 countries. Prominent sectors in canned products are the tomato paste and pickle sectors
The best of the storage methods have now enabled us to have a significant share in global trade. Türkiye is the 6th largest in the world with a 5.5% share in tomato paste exports valued at $161 million. We also export $85 million worth of cucumbers and corniche pickles to 104 countries.
Tastes to World Market
When we look at the fresh vegetable and fruit products sector frozen vegetables and fruits, canned vegetables and fruits, fruit juices and drinks, pastes, sauces, dried products, ready meals, and so on refer to a large number of products.
In short, the European market alone is about 10 billion jars in size. In 2019 Türkiye has reached exports of approximately 500 million units in different volumes of jars in its main product groups and derivatives. Türkiye has the opportunity and infrastructure to double this number and more. In the pasteurized business line, the packaging suppliers of the sector have the capacity and ability to produce these desired numbers. As a result, the targeted $4 billion in exports in the sector’s strategic plan is not seen as difficult to capture.

Where the Tastes Come From

National Advantages
In the agricultural areas of Türkiye, farming of all kinds of vegetables and fruits is possible at altitudes ranging from low to high. It is the most reliable food supplier in the world thanks to the climate diversity provided by its geographical location.

Türkiye is one of the few countries in the world that has long harvest periods for fresh fruit products due to its geography and it being surrounded by seas on three sides.

Product Types
Tomato pastes
Vegetables and fruits
Dried products
Ready meals
Turkish Citrus Turkish Canned Products
Fresh Tastes

In some of the plains of Türkiye, double-crop cultivation allows for the simultaneous growth of multiple crops in the same area of land during a single growing season. This results in a longer production period and more chances to harvest. Türkiye has the perfect opportunity to produce fruits and vegetables due to the fact that there is a multiplicity of agricultural production.

Canned Naturals

Almost all of the raw materials used in production and packaging are supplied from within the country.

Developed Tastes

Türkiye keeps track of the changes and developments in the world and continuously increases the quality of its products.

Right Pricing

Due to its richness in raw materials and excess production, Türkiye can export products at more affordable prices than its competitors.

From Turkey to Everywhere

Thanks to Türkiye’s proximity to foreign markets and its strategic transport network, products are easily delivered to almost every part of the world.

Canned tastes are waiting for you. Now, is the time to import them!

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