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Türkiye is a strong player recognized in the global market with its increasing sectoral experience, capacity to produce with advanced techniques, and continuous increases in cement exports.

When we look at the cement industry, our country is a major global player and among the major manufacturers and exporters in Europe and the world. Türkiye exports to 165 countries, ranging from Europe and America to the Middle East and Africa. It ranks 1st in the world export and 6th in cement production.

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Connective Development
In addition to having an important place in Türkiye’s GNP with its continuously increasing export volume, the cement sector maintains its importance within the economy through the significant employment level it provides.
Today, the sector is using its own resources and is able to meet the needs of the country with its production.
Connective Power
The use of advanced technology, proper logistic infrastructure that enables the fastest loading, the strategic position of Türkiye, and long-rooted experiences make our country more competitive.
The power of its production, product quality, environment-friendly approach, and exemplary performance in occupational health and safety reinforce the international reputation of the Turkish cement industry.

Connective Power from Türkiye!

National Advantages
In order to maintain its leading position in the world, which demonstrates the success of our country’s image, investments in modern facilities with high capacity are carried out.

The design culture is strengthened, while R&D investments and investments to reduce energy costs continue. Our country’s experience in the cement sector is based on a long history. Our advantages such as flexible production according to demand, wide product range and variety, and fast transportation are the factors that increase our competitiveness.

Product Types
Turkish Citrus Turkish Cement

The Turkish cement sector has taken a very important position in the world by establishing R&D centers to maintain product quality and healthy development of the sector and its investments.


The cement sector in Türkiye produces in accordance with international standards. All cement plants meet ASTM standards for the US market and EN standards for EU markets.

Quality, High Capacity

Türkiye's wealth of raw materials and its high performance in occupational health and safety enables it to have a greater capacity of low alkaline cement production and flexible production and delivery.


The most important policy of the sector is to implement the principles of sustainable development by taking environmental problems into account without reducing cement consumption and using all the benefits offered by technology.

Easy Transportation

Türkiye's strategic location allows products to be easily shipped to almost anywhere in the world.

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