Turkish Ceramics

The Point Where Technology and Art Combines

    Quick Facts
  • Modern & Innovative Designs
  • Collaboration for the Arts
  • Branding in Modern Production
  • Experience in Art
  • Easy Transportation
  • Export to
    200 countries
  • 296 million m2 tile & 17,5 million unit sanitaryware
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Art Sector
The ceramic sector is a very successful sector in producing and exporting value-added products. It is also one of the leading sectors of Türkiye.
Both production and export enable the sector to rise successfully. Our country is one of the largest ceramic producers and exporters in the world today with its 8000-year accumulation of raw material sources and technological and digital infrastructure.
Meet the modern art
Modern Art with Numbers
Our country is number one in Europe in the production of ceramic sanitary wares and fifth in the world. It is also third in Europe in the production of ceramic tile and eighth in the world.
Türkiye is also one of the world's top five exporters of ceramic tile and ceramic sanitary wares. Today, Türkiye delivers its ceramics to more than 200 countries, increasing its market share in the countries it exports to with each passing year and continues to establish lasting relationships in new markets.
Innovative Art
The market demands new and innovative products. Individual demands as a result of fashion trends, salespeople who want their demands to be met, and business partners who want to outperform their competitors are changing very quickly.
In addition, dealers and sub-dealers demand that new products enter the market in shorter amounts of time. In Türkiye, there are new products with different technical specifications that can meet almost all the demands in different designs for exterior and interior spaces.

Modern Art from Türkiye!

National Advantages
Türkiye is the most important practitioner of the latest trends and digital techniques in the ceramic sector.

Also, it is one of the leading ceramic producing and exporting countries in the world, having different designs produced with the latest technology and sustainable production capacity. Turkish ceramics have nearly 300 international Design and Innovation Awards with its high design power.

Product Types
Ceramic Tile
Ceramic Sanitaryware
Ceramic&Porcelain Tableware
Ceramic Ornamentalware
Turkish Ceramics
Modern & Innovative Designs

The use of nanotechnology products that do not contain stains and bacteria offer great health benefits. Recently, companies in the sector have continuously renewed their technologies with modernization investments. The Turkish ceramic tile and sanitayware sector has achieved the world standard and produces quality products on a global scale.

Collaboration for the Arts

Turkish companies have gone from looking at ceramics as just a product to choosing ways of differentiation in design by making branding investments. Many of our brands today receive important design awards such as Red Dot and If, which have world-renowned value. Collaborations with designers and architects continuously carry our industry forward.

Branding in Modern Production

The Turkish Ceramics brand was established in order to increase the perception of Turkish ceramics and to support branding activities abroad. The branding process of our ceramic brands has taken the sector one step further.

Experience in Art

After the Ceramic Department of the Academy of Fine Arts was established to solve the shortage of qualified personnel in the ceramic industry and to make breakthroughs in the field of contemporary art and industry, the number of ceramic education institutions increased. These education opportunities have increased the knowledge and experience of employees in the sector.

Easy Transportation

Türkiye's strategic location allows products to be easily shipped to almost anywhere in the world.

All these modern arts are waiting for you. This is your chance to import them!

Below, you can find companies that can supply you with these products.