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As in the past, the construction sector is now an immutable part of human and economic life. The construction sector in Türkiye started with the development process of the Republican period.
The first important steps in the field of construction were taken in the 1920s in Ankara, which would be the country’s new capital. With the Republic laying the foundation of the Turkish construction industry, importance was given to investments in the fields of industry, agriculture, and transportation for the rapid and planned development of our country.
Meet the Robust Materials
Robust Success
The Turkish construction materials sector quickly completed its evolution and increased its digitalization rates, representing many products originating from the iron and steel industry to the cement, glass, ceramic, paint, and wood sectors.
It also meets the domestic demand as well as having a high export share, ranking highly in international markets and competing successfully. Innovative thinking and innovations in all areas help to accelerate the sector by implementing the possibilities created by technology.
Robust Technology
In spite of many commercial barriers such as anti-dumping investigations and tax increases many of the construction materials sectors, especially the steel industry, have adopted an important place in world exports by adapting to the developing technology.
Among the Turkish construction sector products, there are materials that make buildings more durable and consequently reduce their maintenance and repair requirements.

Robust Vision

National Advantages
The construction and construction materials sector, which is one of the locomotives of the Turkish economy, looks to the future with confidence, drawing strength from its achievements.

Our advantages such as demand-based production flexibility, wide product ranges and variety, and fast transportation are factors that increase our competitiveness.

Product Types
Wooden construction materials and components
Steel tubes and tube components
Gypsum, asphalt, and related materials and components
Heating, ventilating, air conditioning and related components
Aluminum construction materials and components
Wires, electrical materials and components
Lighting, lighting materials, and components
Locks and related construction equipment
Colors and varnishes
Prefabricated buildings
Bricks, roof and floor tiles
Steel fittings and fasteners
Insulation materials and related components
Steel construction materials and components
Steel profiles and wires
Turkish Citrus Turkish Construction Materials
Robust Sectors

The Turkish construction sector is among the few of the world in terms of sub-sectors that investigate the external market demand profiles and disseminates production in accordance with the desired quality and environmental standards around the world.

Innovative Craftsmanship

The Building Materials Directive subjects building work to some basic obligations for EU-level alignments on building work. According to the nature of the construction work one, several or all of these obligations have to be met. In this way, products are produced according to certain standards and quality.

Robust Developments

With its R&D investments and the latest technology it uses, Türkiye increases the quality and durability of its products to the maximum degree.

True Prices

Türkiye's high production capacity and power allow it to sell products with the right pricing.

Center of the World

Thanks to Türkiye's unique geopolitical position, products can be easily exported around the world.

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