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Turkish White Goods / Consumer Durables sector technology is evolving with each passing day by increasing its production, export capacity, and expanding them.
 Depending on the industry. service, dealer networks, and employment opportunities, Turkish White Goods is one of the major contributing sectors to the Turkish economy. The White Goods industry has seen a significant rise in recent years towards becoming a global player. The white goods subsidiary industry can be considered as an important part of the sector's supply chain as the factor behind this rise. The first production of white goods in Turkey started in 1955 in Istanbul based on the assembly industry. The white goods sector, where a small number of firms operated until the 1980s, gained great momentum in the following years and became one of the major sectors of the country's industry. The sector is an important production base in Europe with an annual production capacity of approximately 25 million units.
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Safest Sector
Covering both cables and electrical generation and distribution equipment, Turkish Consumer Durables is one of the leading actors of Turkish production and export scope and the global market. Advancing high-tech and digitalizing production measures in accordance with a very young and dynamic workforce, Turkish Consumer Durables has the competitive advantage of ultimate quality and competitive price performance. Due to the high adaptability and organizational skills of the sector, Turkish Consumer Durables is one of the key agents in the world industry.
Türkiye's highest employment creation, largest R&D centers, patent champion companies are located in this sector. Turkish companies that closely monitor technological developments and invest in R&D and design have become the production center of Europe in many product groups.
Safest Industry
Turkish consumer durables are leading actors of the global market. Türkiye is the largest supplier of the European Union. Advancing high-tech and digitalizing production measures in accordance with a very young and dynamic workforce, Türkiye has the competitive advantage of ultimate quality and competitive price-performance, high adaptability, and organizational skills.
Turkish Consumer Durables Industry now aims for contributing to humanity even more via developing projects for the most disadvantaged groups in Africa.

Safest Success

National Advantages
Türkiye is always producing for the better with creating innovative products with advanced R&D technologies, each production is more advanced and better than the previous one.

Also with university-industry co-operations, while job employment is provided to young people, the power of young minds and the power of the sector is increasing in direct proportion.

Product Types
TV Receivers
Refrigerators and Freezers
Washing Machines
Ovens and Cookers
Other Electrical and Electronic Materials
Measuring Tools and Devices
Small Home Appliances
Electrical Heaters
Information Processing Machines
Turkish Consumer Durables
Safest Rates

In the Product Group, the export of refrigerator and cooler was realized as $ 1.130 million, while the export of washing machines was $ 991 million. The highest share in exports of TV receivers Product Group 1.294 million$, while the highest export countries, in order are; the United Kingdom (443 million), Germany (259 million), France (143 million $), and Spain ($104 million).

Safest Developments

University-industry cooperation provides Türkiye with extra benefits in product development and improvement.


Safest Exporting

While export rates quadrupled since 2000, 69% of Turkish Consumer Durables are exported to EU Countries. Türkiye is the #1 producer of household appliances in Europe and #2 in the world.

Safest Prices

Türkiye stands out with its quality and affordable products compared to its competitors.

Easy to Transportation

Developments in the land, sea, and air transport have made transportation easier.

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