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Türkiye's endemic variety and climate types are the greatest opportunities for the extraction of top quality base materials.
Our country is a natural bridge between three continents. It also contains variety of rare plants due to its geographical features and climate characteristics brought about by its diverse lands.  
Meet the real essences
Real Care
Türkiye is a country that increases product diversity in care products and develops itself in this respect through R & D. Natural materials are used to a large extent in production, raw materials are processed in the most sanitary way and products are always produced to suit the needs of the consumer. 
Haircare, personal cleansing products, and skincare products are among the most popular categories in recent years.
Real Manufacture
Türkiye has 3,250 companies producing cosmetics and the Turkish cosmetics sector recruiting 14.000 people.
The ISO 22716 standard is mandatory for cosmetic manufacturing areas in Türkiye, exporting cosmetic products to European Union countries in accordance with the regulation of the aforementioned companies. The registration of product information in the CPNP system is also required.

Real Essences in Türkiye

National Advantages
Türkiye is a country with more Biological Diversity due to the fact that 4 Seasons Live at the same rate and the climates have much in common.

There are approximately 12,000 plant species in Türkiye, of which 3 700 are endemic species. Our endemic species diversity is greater than that of the entire continent of Europe. The essences obtained from these special plants are of quality and characteristic that cannot be found anywhere in the world.

Product Types
Essential Oils
Color Cosmetics and Skincare Products
Haircare Products
Oral Care Products
Shaving Care and Deodorants
Turkish Citrus Turkish Cosmetics
Real Essences

We get our reputation from growing a wide variety of herbs.

Real Ranks

Turkey is the world's 5th biggest soap exporter by the quantity. 

Real Success

Turkey’s exports decupled in 15 years!


Real Domination

There are about 3250 companies operating in the sector and improved themselves day by day.

Real Products for Men

Increasing time for personal care also increases men's demand for care products. Turkey is one step ahead of other countries in the field of men's products with its researchers and good producers.

Real Prices

Turkey is one of the rare countries where you can get the best quality products at real pricing.

All this real diversity is waiting for you. Now is the time to import it!

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