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Türkiye aims to provide a competitive structure for the defense industry, allowing it to meet the needs of defense systems and logistics in a sustainable manner based on original designs.
The plan also aims to increase the share allocated to R&D and to increase the rate of domestic product usage by using appropriate technologies for civilian purposes. Support networking and clustering structures in the Turkish defense and aviation sector cover defense and security systems, software, land, air, sea vehicles and their equipment, electronic warfare systems, support systems, and logistics services, R&D, engineering, and manufacturing services. The defense industry is a promising, important, and strategic sector for our country and is constantly developing.
Meet an advanced defense
Advanced Investments
The Turkish Defense and Aerospace Industry is distinguished from other sectors as the sector that makes the most R&D investments. Every resource invested in this field returns more advanced technology, more qualified human resources, more exports, and more employment. Our companies operating in this field aware that while they are marketing their prestigious products on a global scale, they have to continuously improve their production.
The fact that five Turkish companies are among the 100 largest defense companies in the world is a testament to the worldwide acceptance of the products produced by the Turkish Defense and Aerospace Industry. In this list, which includes 100 companies from 24 countries, Türkiye ranks above many countries with these five companies.
Advanced Developments
Our defense and aerospace industry provides a wide range of products and services with the solutions that it produces according to different needs and characteristics.
The industry, which produces products and services for a global market, is increasing its effectiveness in the Far East and Africa markets while the target markets include NAFTA countries, Middle East countries, the Independent State Community, European Union members, Caspian region countries and Gulf countries.

Advanced Value

National Advantages
The Turkish Defense and aerospace industry is a sector that has grown its export volume by 130% and contributes to the country's economy with its superior technological products.

The return of investment in our defense and aerospace industries is very high. This is an important evidence that the sector produces value and this value is accepted in international markets and standards.

Product Types
Land platforms
Sea platforms
Aerospace systems
Electronic communication and information systems
Weapons systems and ammunition
Support systems and logistics services
Military clothing and equipment
Software and simulations
Turkish Citrus Turkish Defence& Aerospace
Advanced Experience

Türkiye is actively involved in multinational projects such as the F-35 and A 400 projects, having high success references not only with simulation tests but also with many products operating in real conditions. It also has a wide range of products ranging from space platforms to textile products.

Advanced Solutions

Türkiye offers effective and innovative solutions against new threats and provides investments while cooperates with institutions such as the Defense Industry Directorate, which allows the whole sector to function in an integrated structure.

Advanced Substructure

Türkiye has one of the the world's most modern and efficient production and testing facilities thanks to its infrastructure investments. The unique design and production capabilities, as well as the international cooperation and investments of the companies in the sector, are among the primary reasons for the rapid growth of the sector.

Right Prices

Türkiye is one of the rare countries where top quality systems can be imported with the right price.

Easy to Transportation

Türkiye, which has a strong logistics network due to land air and sea access, can deliver products to almost anywhere in the world.

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