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from Türkiye
Türkiye is an agricultural country with fertile lands and is renowned for its high-quality dried fruits and nuts. With experience that goes back over a 100 years in exporting these dried fruits, it is now exporting them to 150 countries.
Dried fruits and nuts like almond, walnuts, hazelnut, pistachio, chickpeas, dried apricots, dried fig, raisins,  are consumed as a major raw material in the bakery and confectionery industries, as an ingredient in dried fruit and nut mixes and as snacks. Türkiye is internationally renowned for its high quality products. With respect to production and export shares of dried fruits and nuts, our country is one of the most important supplier in the world. The demand for organic dried fruits is significant and the number of organic farmers is increasing by the years.  
Meet the recuperative snacks
Recuperative Pistachio
The pistachio is the ultimate snack and the perfect complement to desserts like baklava. It is very rich in its nutritional value. Pistachio quality is generally checked according to the high oil content and the ratio of crust. When these features are seen higher quality than others, which grows pistachios in Türkiye.
Majority of pistachios exported from Türkiye are Gaziantep type pistachios. Siirt pistachios, which is an another type, production is much less than Gaziantep type pistachios. Prized for its flavor and bright green color, it is also rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. They are hulled during the course of season whenever is needed and only Siirt type pistachios are hulled right after harvesting. The main differences between Gaziantep and Siirt pistachios are their fat rate and size. Gaziantep type pistachios are smaller despite high fat content. On the contrary, Siirt pistachios are larger in size, however contain less fat ratio. With these quality pistachios, Türkiye is the world’s third-largest pistachio producer and exports to 99 countries. 
Snacks with Standards
The complete fulfillment of the buyer’s requirements and specifications with effective and careful quality control systems in every phase of production is a top priority.
Turkish dried fruits and nuts are produced using modern technology and have high quality and hygiene standards at the international level. Many Turkish firms are applying quality systems like HACCP, BRC, IFS, or ISO 9000 standards and sees to satisfying the further demands of their customers as mission.

Delicious Snacks from the Fertile Lands

National Advantages
Dried fruits and nuts occupy a special place in our culinary culture and have created their own special traditions, thus taking on folkloric qualities as well.

The production and exports of Turkish dried fruits and nuts are extremely high and dominate the global markets. The main secret of the success of these products is the fertile lands. Türkiye's climatic diversity, fertile soil, and efficient use of the sunlight allow the crops to grow and increase their flavor and quality.


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Tahini (Sesame Paste)
Fruit Kernels
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Recuperative Snacks

Today, the consumption of dried fruits has become an essential part of healthy consumption.Dried fruits and nuts are invaluable for human health and their nutritional value is quite high. Moreover, they are cholesterol-free, rich in vitamins and minerals, and totally fat-free; a good source of fiber and also rich in antioxidants.

Popular Snacks

Turkish dried fruits and nuts sector is proud of its high-quality products and export experience spanning over one hundred years. Türkiye is a major producer of organic dried figs, raisins, apricots, hazelnut, and exports to more than 150 countries. 

Snacks of Unchanging Quality

Before export, strict standards are applied to ensure each box of dried fruits and nuts is free of any imperfections. These products are known for supreme quality and utmost cleanliness in international markets.

Recuperative Diet

According to nutritionists nuts and natural dried fruits, which are extremely rich in nutritional value, both speed up our metabolism and contribute to our health by strengthening our immune system. 

Right Price Policy

Türkiye, a country rich in raw materials and production, has the opportunity to export products at more convenient and right pricing.

From Türkiye to Everywhere

Due to Türkiye’s geopolitical location, it exports dried fruits, nuts, and their various processed forms to more than 150 countries all over the world.  

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