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Sector with High Performance
The electromechanical industry sector, by volume of work, export potential, and trained labor force, holds an important place in the Turkish industry sector today.
While the sector is constantly developing, it is also undergoing rapid change and transformation and has become a sector that contributes to the development of all other sectors and enables productivity growth. The Turkish cable sector, which is growing in parallel with the developments in the construction, energy, and communication sectors, has reached the level where it can compete in the global cable sector. It exports to all countries with its production technologies, trained labor force, R&D studies, and increasing awareness of quality. About 40% of the sector's production is exported.
Meet the High Performance
High Adaptability
Turkish electrical and electronics producers are leading actors of the global market and Türkiye is the largest supplier of the European Union. Advancing high-tech and digitalized production measures in accordance with a very young and dynamic workforce, it has the competitive advantage of ultimate quality and good price-performance, high adaptability, and organizational skills.
The Turkish electrical and electronics industry now aims to contribute to humanity even more by developing projects for the most disadvantaged groups in Africa.
High Standards
Electromechanical types of equipment are manufactured in accordance with international and national standards and are supervised by laboratories with international accreditation by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), which oversees all production of Türkiye.
This way, products are produced in accordance with world standards. Risky or harmful products are easily eliminated.

High Success

National Advantages
Türkiye is always producing for the better. Creating innovative products with advanced R&D technologies, each production is more advanced and better than the previous one.

With university-industry cooperation, the power of young minds and the power of the sector increase in direct proportion, and job opportunities are provided to young people.

Product Types
Low voltage energy cables
Electrical panels
Separative and interruptive devices
Installation cables generators and conductors
Medium and high voltage energy cables
Electrical motors and alternators
Lightning devices
Electrical energy conductors with connectors
Enamel magnet wire coaxial cables
Telecommunication cables
Fiber optic cables
Cells and batteries
Turkish Citrus Turkish Electromechanics
High-Performance Ranks

Continuing its production-oriented export performance in 2019, the electrical and electronics sector was valued at $11.5 billion dollars in total. Its share of Turkish exports was 6.5% among the industry sectors and ranked among the top 5 exporters with 58% of its exports, valued at $6.6 billion, going to EU member states.

Products with High-Performance

The export of transformers and inductors, some of the most important export items of the product group, amounted to $800 million. The countries with the highest amount of exports of these items were Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

High-Performance Exporting

With export rates quadrupling since 2000, 35% of Turkish electromechanics are exported to EU Countries. Türkiye is the number one exporter of cables to the UK, Turkmenistan, Malta, Georgia, and Bulgaria.

Good Prices

Türkiye stands out from its competitors with its quality and affordable products.

Easy to Transportation

Developments in the land, sea, and air transport have made transportation easier.

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