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from Türkiye
While there are almost no sectors left where glass is not used today, the areas of use are increasing rapidly to an extent that is hard to imagine.
Glass is a miraculous material that can be recycled infinitely and protects our world and our country. It functions as a healthy container to consume our drinks from, saves us money and energy in the form of windows, and provides aesthetic and comfort to our lives. The glass sector of Türkiye adds value to the comfort and aesthetics of life with its environmentally friendly and innovative products by using the most advanced technologies in the world for its production. The glass sector of Türkiye stands out as a sector with capital and is an energy-intensive and high capacity sector, providing the country with a production value of $2.3 billion and providing jobs to 50 thousand employees.
Meet the art of craftsmanship
Sustainable Art
Glass, which can be recycled infinitely, supports sustainability. Glass packaging is aesthetic and energy-saving in addition to being healthy. It is not possible for glass to react with food and to be corroded. It is impervious to all gases and vapors. For this reason, glass is the most reliable among the packaging materials available on the market when it comes to preventing the transition of chemicals to food and beverages.
It is widely used in the beverage and pharmaceutical sectors as it protects products against external influences and does not change their taste and content. Türkiye is continuously developing its glass sector with the aim of leaving a more livable world for future generations.
Development of the Craftsmanship
The fact that glass is a material capable of producing solutions to global warming, energy saving, safety systems, noise control needs, and decoration increases the demand for glass products.
As with every sector, Türkiye is taking great steps to develop the glass sector. Efforts to ensure operational excellence and service quality, investment, and regional incentives, as well as the Turquality brand incentives and participation in fairs with the Turkish Glass brand, are just some of these examples.

Leader in Europe

National Advantages
The largest manufacturers of the Turkish glass industry continue to diversify and deliver its products to 170 countries by meeting the requirements of the country as well as having strong activity in world markets with the “our market is the world" principle.

Türkiye’s location in the world, its scale, degree of specialization, and high competitiveness is among the most distinguished producer countries in the world. In the glass sector, our country is the glass processing base of its region thanks to the processing capacity, experience, quality products, and quality service skills of Turkish glass processors. With the large investments made production capacity has increased by 50% in the last decade.

Product Types
Flat Glass
Glass Packaging
Processed Glass
Turkish Citrus Turkish Glass
Craftsmanship Projects

Türkiye continues to develop a human focus and competence to make its achievements sustainable and is implementing the Glass Master project. The aim of this project is to establish professional standards and qualifications for glass production with the Professional Qualifications Authority and to start working with certified glass masters.

Innovative Craftsmanship

Türkiye has the leading science and technology center in Europe for the glass sector, constantly developing new products, and serving prestigious projects around the world. With its annual R&D and innovation investments, it always takes the sector one step further.


The glass sector of Türkiye increases the use of value-added products by raising the awareness of the public and private sector professionals through glass consulting and through a wide range of promotional activities that take advantage of the opportunities of the digital age for the end consumer.

Investments for Craftsmanship

The Turkish glass industry invests continuously in order to increase its competitiveness in both domestic and foreign markets and to reduce costs, increase productivity, and give importance to producing high added-value products.

True Prices

Türkiye's high production capacity and power allow it to sell products with competitive pricing.

Center of the World

Thanks to Türkiye's unique geopolitical position, products can be easily exported around the world.

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