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  • Rich Lentils
  • Rich Production
  • Richness for Human Health
  • Rich Agricultural Methods
  • Competitive Prices
  • Easy Transportation
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    1.3 million tons
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In the world and in Türkiye the oilseeds, vegetable oils, and products sector have gained great momentum in the last twenty-five years.
Sunflower oil, one of the most important plant oils in the world, comes from a plant of which the largest plantation area and production can be found in Türkiye. Fifty percent of vegetable crude oil production in our country comes from sunflower. Sunflower oilseed is the first type of oilseed that comes to mind when someone mentions oilseeds in Türkiye. The sunflower is one of the most important oil plants in our country and the world and is mostly grown for oil in our country. Sunflower, which holds the first place in the production of oil plants in our country, can grow in many places, especially in the Thrace-Marmara, Aegean and Black Sea regions. Today, It is an important refining and export center, especially for sunflower oil. Sunflower oil plants in Türkiye produce high-quality products with technical advantages in production processes along with high-quality inputs. As a result, it's annual sunflower oil exports are over $400 million. In addition, margarine exports are approximately $112 million.
Meet the wealthy nourishments
Wealthy Wheat Flour
Today, Türkiye is one of the most important wheat-producing countries as a country where wheat has a rich history and is also a gene center that hosts various different species
Wheat flour products stand out in production and especially in wheat-based exports. Türkiye is one of the world's top-quality wheat flour producing countries. It's wheat flour exports in 2019 are approximately 3.2 million tons and valued at $1 billion.
Wealthy and Fertile Soils
Türkiye is one of the few countries that can self-sustain its food needs with its geographical position and product variety. The fertile soil, the favorable climate for cultivation, and the adequate precipitation rate allow it to grow almost any kind of crop.
It is one of the most important countries in the world in agricultural production, with agricultural activities in almost every region. It is known that the first mills in history were used on Anatolian soil. This deep-rooted past has pioneered Türkiye’s milling sector and both the production and exports of the flour and milling technology.

Health and Wealth at the Same Time in Türkiye!

National Advantages
Türkiye’s geography gives the best possible climate options for agricultural production at certain standards.

Anatolia has served humankind throughout history with its efficient and generous lands and favorable climate. Food products, which have many benefits to human health on their own, are getting richer in terms of nutritional value thanks to the growing conditions of our country and the power of the ingredients is increasing even more.

Product Types
Wheat Flour
Vegetable Oils
Bakery Products
Sugary Products
Dried Beans
Turkish Citrus Turkish Grain
Rich Lentils

Türkiye, which is the motherland of lentils, has taken its place among the top 5 countries in the world in lentil production by performing approximately 7% of the world's lentil production. Red and green lentils are produced in abundance in our country.

Rich Production

Türkiye is one of the major producers in chickpea production, according to 2018 data, and ranks 4th globally. Kırşehir, Ankara, Yozgat, Konya, Kırıkkale, Adıyaman are crucial provinces for chickpea production in Türkiye and approximately 50% of the production is done in the Central Anatolia region. it's chickpea exports in 2019 are around $76 million.

Richness for Human Health

Turkish grains are more useful to human health because they absorb the power of Türkiye’s wealthy soils, allowing them to show their healing power.

Rich Agricultural Methods

Türkiye, which has quite generous lands in terms of agricultural products, utilizes modern techniques to reach the highest quality.

Competitive Prices

Türkiye's raw material richness, high-quality production opportunities, and rich lands allow for the export of many products at low prices.

Easy Transportation

Being in such a central position, Türkiye offers minimized distribution and transportation costs and faster logistics.

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