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The projects of Turkish greenhouse producers are seen in front of the Asian producers and just slightly behind Europe’s. As long as the Turkish greenhouse keeps up the momentum it has gained in greenhouse cultivation, we have the capacity to become the leader in Europe.
Türkiye is currently second in Europe and fourth in the world in the greenhouse sector. The Turkish greenhouse industry is pioneering the transformation of agriculture in Türkiye, having gained great momentum with technological developments and investments in recent years.
Meet the green world
Green Companies
Many companies in Türkiye operate in greenhouse construction and equipment. It is anticipated that the market size of the sector will achieve a billion dollars with future investment efforts, aimed at increasing export through local and national production, being accelerated.
It is estimated that the global greenhouse market has a size of about $10 billion. The goal of it’s greenhouse sector is to have a bigger slice of this cake. With its high-quality products, our country is getting closer to this goal every day.
Green Products
The largest product segments of the market are fruit and vegetable growing greenhouses, and flower and ornamental plant growing greenhouses. It is expected that these segments will remain the category-based leaders in the future.
Market growth is improving with increasing interest in greenhouses and production, primarily in regions closer to cities. The biggest driving force behind the market growth is heating and cooling technologies. Increasing greenhouse investment, especially in developing markets, is another important trigger of growth.

Green Qualification

National Advantages
Turkish greenhouse industry producers extremely qualified. They produce modern greenhouses with affordable prices and at sufficient amounts now, while it used to import modern greenhouses and their equipment at a very high cost.

Turkish greenhouse production has been gaining momentum with an increasing number of Turkish companies recently and is thus providing a competitive advantage in international markets.

Product Types
Landless Greenhouses
Grounded Greenhouses
Ornamental Plants
Fruit Production Greenhouses
Turkish Greenhouse Systems
Green Technology

Today, advances in materials science and semiconductor sensor technology, which have made significant contributions to the advancement of electronics and computer technology, are frequently used in advanced greenhouse applications. Sensors, in particular, are the most important and the starting point of greenhouse automation systems. Türkiye is able to use all these technologies at the most advanced level.

Green Standards

Just like other agricultural and food products, the following certificates of standards are also required, based on customers demands; ITU GLOBALGAP, ISO 9001: 2008 –Quality Management System, ISO 22000: 2005 – Food Safety Management System, ISO 14001: 2004 - environmental management system, ifs – International Food Standard, BRC - British Retailers Consortium, TN – Tesco Nurture, and ETI - the Ethical Trading Initiative.

Good Prices

Türkiye stands out with its quality and affordable products compared to its competitors.

Green Education

Steps taken to improve education in Türkiye are increasing every day. The quality education given in universities in the field of engineering is reflected in the workforce after graduation. The greenhouse sector is developed especially in cooperation with our country's brilliant agricultural engineers.

Easy to Transportation

Developments in land, sea, and air transport have made transportation easier.

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