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Turkish Flavor
The hazelnut, “fındık” in Turkish, is the perfect nourishing snack and an ideal ingredient for chocolate and confectionery.
 Hazelnuts are rich in nutrients and have a high content of protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. With 70% of the global production, Türkiye is the world’s leading hazelnut producer and exports to more than 150 countries.The history of hazelnut production in Türkiye can be traced back over 2,300 years to the Black Sea coast. The region’s unique climate provides the necessary setting for delicious hazelnuts. More than just a nutrient nut, the hazelnut has an important role in Turkish lifestyle and is mentioned in literature, folklore, and in the field of medicine. The region’s lush green hills overflow with hazelnuts, in anticipation of the harvest in the late summer. Once collected, hazelnuts are pre-dried under the sun until their leaves turn brown. They are then separated from their leaves and laid over canopies to be dried once again under the sun. This natural drying is an important factor in the quality and taste of the Turkish hazelnut. Türkiye’s hazelnut exports come in different forms, such as shelled, roasted, chopped, natural, in the shell, blanched, sliced, and as a hazelnut paste. Hazelnuts from Türkiye are classified between two categories based on crop location, skin separation and fat content. 1-Giresun Quality: Grown in Giresun and part of Trabzon provinces. These are the hazelnuts that have the highest level of skin separation and quality among the types in the world. 2-Levant Quality: This is the common name given to all hazelnuts that are grown in regions other than the region of Giresun quality hazelnut. These hazelnuts have a lower level of fat than the Giresun quality hazelnuts but a higher level of fat than those grown in the other countries and a better taste.”
Meet the miracle
Miraculous Uses In Industry
Besides being consumed as snack both in Turkey and in the world, about 90% of hazelnuts are used in the form of roasted, blanched, chopped, sliced, meal and paste as a side-ingredient in chocolate, biscuit, confectionary industry, in making sweets, pastries and ice-cream and in meals and salads.
Nuts, which have been known to mankind for about 5000 years, provide flexible usage to humanity in many places, ranging from being used as fruit to wood. Additionally, hazelnut wood baskets, canes, chairs, fences, and hand tools are used in construction.
Miraculous Contributions to Health
The hazelnut has a significant place among dried nuts in terms of its nutritional benefits. It has the perfect composition of fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants. 100 g of hazelnuts per day to be consumed, meets all of the daily vitamin E requirement.
 Hazelnuts also contain all the necessary amino acids and the most vital minerals. Although high in calories and oils, the nut is associated with weight loss because it boosts people’s metabolism. Other health benefits include its ability to improve cardiovascular health, reduce blood pressure, and protect against cancer and other diseases. Hazelnuts are incredibly versatile. They are a great addition to all kinds of savory and sweet dishes. They are roasted for snacking, ground into a paste, and used chopped or ground in baking and confectionery. When used whole or roughly chopped, they add crunch to dishes and salads. Ground hazelnuts complement confectionery and cakes and work particularly well with chocolate. In fact, hazelnuts have a very important place in the chocolate industry. Chocolate and hazelnut spreads are enjoyed worldwide. The world’s largest producers of hazelnut chocolate spreads use hazelnuts harvested in Türkiye. Hazelnut oil, which is distinct in flavor, can be used in dressings and baking.

The Heart Of Hazelnut Beats In Türkiye!

National Advantages
It is essential for hazelnuts that the region has a humid and temperate climate, an average annual temperature of 13-16 degrees celsius, an annual rainfall of at least 750 mm, and a slightly acidic soil structure that is rich in nutrients.

 Türkiye meets all these conditions, allowing it to grow the best quality and most delicious nuts. Türkiye exports quality nuts to the entire world, especially due to how suitable the land of the Black Sea region is for hazelnut agriculture, and is responsible for 70% of the world’s hazelnut production.

Product Types
Inshell Hazelnut
Natural Hazelnut
Blanched Hazelnut
Roasted Hazelnut
Chopped Hazelnut
Sliced Hazelnut
Hazelnut Flour
Hazelnut Paste
Turkish Citrus Turkish Hazelnut
Miraculous Preference

Turkish hazelnuts have received a vote of confidence by the world's largest food manufacturers. The most famous chocolate and confectionery brands prefer Turkish hazelnuts and their quality.

Miracle Of Flavor

It is not uncommon to see hazelnuts as a key ingredient in some of the most loved and tasty foods in the world. With the unparalleled quality of Turkish hazelnuts, these delights are primed for optimal enjoyment. 

Miraculous Export Intensity

The largest export markets for Turkish hazelnuts are Germany, Italy, China, France, Switzerland, and Canada.

Miraculous Numbers

Türkiye undertakes 70% of the global hazelnut production, and 80% of global hazelnut exports. The efforts of Türkiye’s hazelnut industry cause these shares to grow every year. 

Miracle Production

In the last 5 years, Türkiye produced an average of 660 thousand tons of inshell hazelnut and exported 267 thousand tons of hazelnut kernels.

Miracle for Health

Hazelnuts offer a fantastic array of nutrients to support everyday wellness and disease prevention. As a snack nut they are nutrient-dense and provide protein. The  increased health awareness of consumers opens doors for the food industry to offer indulgences with added functional benefits. 

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