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The pharmaceutical industry of Türkiye has many years of experience in manufacturing in accordance with international quality standards.
Following up-to-date developing technology and technical knowledge, Türkiye provides a continuous high production capacity. It's pharmaceutical sector, which has over 30 accredited R&D centers, plays a leading role in the country's innovation and industry transformation.
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Remedial Equipment
Türkiye, ambitious in every branch of industry, is the fastest-growing producer of medical products, dental devices, and medical devices. In our country, medical tourism has become an attraction and thus hospital investments are constantly increasing.
Medical and dental devices and products, besides their huge potential in the domestic market, are also making a breakthrough in exports. It can compete with developed countries due to the combination of production capacity, qualified manpower, and sophisticated technology in accordance with international quality standards
Reliable Supplies
The Turkish medical devices and supplies industry is a fast-developing sector with recent investments in most fields.
Turkish medical devices and disposables manufacturers comply with international procedures, quality, and safety standards such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), GHP (Good Health Practices), ISO standards, and the CE mark of the EU.

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National Advantages
Successful in every branch of the industry, our country is among the fastest-growing manufacturers in medical products, dental devices, and the medical devices sector.

Globally, the market for medical products has a volume of more than $425 billion. In Türkiye, the size of the medical market exceeds $2.4 billion in investments in R&D. Adding logistics and cost advantages, it is a step ahead of the competition.

Product Types
Medical and Surgical Equipment
Medical Disposables
Needle and Catheters
Ophthalmic Equipment
Dental Equipment
Laboratory Diagnostics
Wound Closure Equipment
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Remedial Chemicals

The growth of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry is well above the world’s average. It's pharmaceutical exports have doubled in the last 10 years, reaching nearly $ 1 billion. Pharmaceutical production in Türkiye is supported and encouraged by special policies of the state.

Remedial Innovations

The Turkish medical products sector has high problem-solving skills and is following global trends closely. Adding logistical and cost advantages with R&D investments, Türkiye is a step ahead when we compare it to other countries.

Remedial Technologies

While R&D expenditures are constantly increasing, production capacity and standards and the technological level of development enable the sector to look to the future with confidence and make advanced productions using the latest technology.

Reliable & Remedial

Turkish medical devices and disposables manufacturers comply with international procedures and quality and safety standards such as the GMP, GHP, ISO standards, and the CE mark of the EU.

Remedial Budget

The advantage of obtaining quality products at an affordable price is available in Türkiye. All safety registered products are exported at the best price.

Supplies for All Around the World

Türkiye, with its geographical location and productive economy, provides an export advantage to the whole world.

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