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Türkiye produces and exports all sub-product groups of the home textile sector such as towels, cleaning cloths, bed linens, curtains, pillows, duvets, sleeping bags, tulles, blankets, robes, table-bed linens, and handcrafted tapestries.
It is among the world's most important suppliers in almost all of its home textile product groups. As of 2019, Türkiye had the 4th largest number of home textile exports in the world. It exports products with standout designs that are produced by a qualified labor force rather than a cheap labor force. Our country’s home textile sector specializes in strong design, fast delivery, ethical trade, Corporate Social Responsibility, and sustainability.
Meet the aesthetic textures
Aesthetic Production
Türkiye's home textile production continues its upward trend parallel with the rise of its exports. The main cities where home textile production is concentrated are Bursa, Denizli, Istanbul, Izmir, and Uşak. Bursa is one of the cities specialized in the production of towels, tulles, and sheets. Denizli specializes in towel and sheets production. Uşak’s specialty is the production of blankets, and Istanbul is one of the cities featuring a high intensity of tulles and sheets production. Many companies in Türkiye, which is one of the leading countries in the home textile sector, have established their own brand and started to establish store chains at home and abroad.
The vast majority of manufacturers in the sector are small and medium-sized enterprises. The Turkish home textile sector, which combines high design power with high-quality cotton, is a role model for the world as well as a renowned brand with its technological infrastructure, well-established companies working for the promotion of our country and qualified personnel.
Unbeatable Textures
The home textile sector, which serves one of the most value-added exports of Türkiye, carries out exports worth about $2 billion a year.
About 60% of home textile exports are made to the United States, Iraq, England, and European Union countries such as Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands. Türkiye, with its design strength and high quality, high value-added product exports, plays an important role in the global market.

Textures Known to the World

National Advantages
Quality is the main reason why our country has a worldwide reputation for home textiles. Türkiye is one of the countries that produce the highest quality silks and cotton in the world, managing to produce excellent products by maintaining the quality of raw material through production techniques and workmanship.

Especially in the United States, Denizli towels and bathrobes are evaluated in the prestige and luxury product categories of home textiles. From the most famous hotels and restaurants in the world to the most prestigious hospitals and wellness centers, you will find towels, bathrobes, curtains, and webbings sporting the "Made in Türkiye" phrase.

Product Types
Bed linen
Sleeping bags
Table-cover linen
Handcrafted tapestries
Turkish Home Textile
History of These Aesthetic Textures

The history of Bursa’s textile sector dates back to 1500 years ago. Silk brought from China was worked on outside of China for the first time in Bursa, which continued to be a center of weaving during the Ottoman Empire and remains the textile capital of Türkiye to this day.

Aesthetic Techniques

Türkiye is one of the few countries that come to mind when one thinks about textiles and has managed to be an established brand in the home textiles industry for many years. Many factors lie at the core of our country's global success, ranging from high-quality wool and fabric to rich production areas and techniques to advanced textiles training opportunities and the superior quality and quantity of its workforce.

Right Pricing

Türkiye's high production capacity and power allow it to sell products with the right pricing.

Aesthetic Force

Most of the modern and traditional home textile manufacturing plants are concentrated in the Western Anatolia and Central Anatolia regions. The fact that many elements of the production process, ranging from raw materials and production techniques to machinery and labor force, are completely domestic has made our country one of the strongest players in both the domestic and global markets.

Raw Materials for Textures

The textile sector covers a wide range of products ranging from yarn production to garment production and is divided into sub-sectors such as the cotton weaving, artificial and synthetic yarn production, wool weaving, fancy yarn production, knitting and knitwear, towels, paint-finish-prints, apparel, and ready-to-wear sub-sectors. This diversity contributes to the faster development of the sector alongside the high incidence of major synthetic yarn manufacturers in Bursa. 

Easy Transportation

Due to Türkiye's unique geopolitical position, products can be easily exported all around the world.

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