Turkish Horeca Equipment

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  • Durable Materials
  • Durable Operation
  • Lasting High Quality
  • Right Pricing Policy
  • From Türkiye to Everywhere
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    181 countries
  • Production
    2.5 billion dollars
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from Türkiye
Turkish Horeca products are preferred by the sector's leading countries and these markets value the reliability of Turkish companies, the dependability of their just-in-time deliveries, and the high quality of products that are certified according to international standards.
Turkish products have become a worldwide Horeca trademark, recognized by the world's biggest hotel chains, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, and caterers as well as retail stores for their original design, reliable after-sales services, success in turn-key projects, highly competitive prices and on-time delivery.  
Meet the durable equipment
Durable Vision
The vision of the Turkish Horeca sector is to become one of the leading global Horeca suppliers by concentrating its entire energy, resources, knowledge, and experience in the sector.
In accordance with this vision, our country started the new Turkish Horeca Cluster project to support the international marketing activities of a selected number of manufacturers in Türkiye. The project is supported by the Turkish Ministry of Economy and coordinated together with manufacturers and associations. 
Durable Solutions
The Turkish Horeca Cluster project started with the analysis of the member companies, followed by a series of trainings. An international marketing strategy has been developed and potential markets have been selected for a period of 3 years. So far, member companies have completed the preparation process necessary for participating in trade missions and are exploring new markets and cultures, enabling them to accommodate their products and design for specific needs.
The biggest advantages of Turkish Horeca exporters are unique designs, affordable prices, flexibility, the shortest delivery times, and after-sales services. Since the participants of the project are connected to each other, they are able to collaborate in meeting customer needs, which puts the project ahead of its competitors. 

Quality and Durable Production in Türkiye

National Advantages
Türkiye’s main strength comes from its know-how on deep drawing techniques, its ability to produce molds for flexible customer demands and its experience in the sector. In our country, only the highest quality of designs are manufactured.

Our country's firms, combining their vast experience with the drive to reach their targets shall never compromise their quality, the customer’s satisfaction, or the principle of having a voice in the country’s industry. Türkiye would like the opportunity to show you the quality of its merchandise, impeccable service, and competitive pricing! 

Product Types
Set-top auxiliary equipment
Cabinets sinks
Cooking equipment
Dishwasher tanks
Boiling pans
Cooker tops
Foodservice units
Open buffets
Turkish Horeca Equipment
Durable Materials

In Türkiye, only materials with guaranteed quality are used. Stainless steel and copper materials are generally used due to their occupational safety and durability.

Durable Operation

With durable products of good quality, Türkiye is able to provide services to every kitchen, from the smallest companies to the biggest hotels. It’s companies are designing, manufacturing, consulting, and providing technical services for equipment. Their after-sales support maximizes customer satisfaction and operational security.

Lasting High Quality

Türkiye is aware of the importance of the Horeca sector, therefore the production takes place in a flexible manner according to the demands of the customer. The most robust materials are used and the needs and wishes of the customer are taken into account.

Right Pricing Policy

The advantage of Türkiye's production offers the possibility to export products of the highest quality at affordable prices.

From Türkiye to Everywhere

Türkiye's geopolitical position and its connection to the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Black Seas allows it to easily reach almost anywhere in the world.

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