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  • Natural Standards
  • Flavor for Everyone
  • Natural & Hygienic
  • Affordable Prices
  • Center of the World
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the Flavors Come From
Türkiye is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of agricultural and horticultural production with an ever-increasing market share.
The main reason that makes Türkiye strong and advantageous in the agriculture and horticulture sector is its strategic and geographical position. In addition to the rich biodiversity and suitable climatic conditions that enable the production of many kinds of fruits, It’s proximity to the Mediterranean, Euro-Siberian and Irano-Turanian regions provides strength in terms of commercial activity as well.
Meet the natural flavors
Natural Power
Besides environmental and geographical privileges, the most important power of Türkiye that ensures its agricultural potential and differentiates it from other markets in the world as a global supplier is sustainability in terms of agricultural production, fruit & fruit juice quality, and trusted business models.
Our country fulfills its responsibility to the world’s next generations by investing in agriculture and agriculture-based industries that preserve the ecological balance with social, economic, and environmental sustainability achieved through increasing the capabilities of local farmers and dedicated industry players and by having a positive approach to agriculture at a large.
Natural Production
Türkiye is one of the most preferred markets for many global industries and players in the world due to its production centers, facilities, sustainable product types, quality, highly experienced fruit juice quality processes, certificates, established standards, and customer-oriented business culture.
Today, our country maintains a business model that is centered on quality, confidence, long-term business relationships, sustainability and price competition for juice producers around the world and comes to mind as one of the leading countries in a wide geographical area that ranges from America to Japan, especially with its cherry, orange, apple and carrot juices.

Natural Heaven

National Advantages
Türkiye has always been a heavenly land for fruit and vegetable production thanks to the generosity of the Mediterranean climate.

Especially the fruits and vegetables that are grown in the Mediterranean region increase in flavor exponentially due to the Mediterranean sun and fertile soil. As a result, the quality and flavor of the products produced from the fruits are increasing. Fruits and vegetables produced in Türkiye are among the most delicious sources of vitamins.

Product Types
Concentrated Products
Concentrated Puree / Puree Products
Organic Products
Ready to drink products - NFC, FC - Juice, Nectars, and Still Drinks
Turkish Citrus Turkish Juice
Natural Standards

Implementation of strict production values ensured by owning local and international certifications in quality management, food safety systems, and full commitment to applicable legislations and standards.

Flavor for Everyone

A sustainable supply of local raw material by sourcing from local farmers or self-owned plantations. Environmentally sensitive and future-friendly approach at all levels of the supply chain. Customer-focused and consumer-driven value chain committed to excellence.

Natural & Hygienic

Modern and hygienic production facilities equipped with the latest advanced technology. A broad and innovative product portfolio with a natural taste and all nutritive values of Turkish fruit reflected in fruit juice and similar products.

Affordable Prices

Türkiye's high production capacity and power allow it to sell products with the right pricing.

Center of the World

Thanks to Türkiye's unique geopolitical position, products can be easily exported around the world.

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