Turkish Kitchenware & Houseware

Lifetime Durability

    Quick Facts
  • Hard-wearing Workforce
  • Hard-wearing Investments
  • Affordable Prices
  • Easy to Transport
  • Export to
    200 countries
  • Production
    28 million units
  • Companies
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Turkish kitchenware and houseware products are preferred by the world’s leading markets.
They are recognized by specialist retailers and the biggest chain stores for their high-quality products certified to international standards, while still enjoying highly competitive prices and on-time delivery. Turkish kitchenware products enjoy a significant position in Europe with 45% of the exports going to EU countries and are exported to a total of 200 countries worldwide.
Meet the hard-wearing wares!
Hard-wearing Companies
Turkish kitchenware and houseware companies have been actively participating in the world’s leading exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and the US for more than 25 years, keeping pace with the latest trends, fashion, and technologies.
The sector currently conducts 3 different clustering projects, concentrating its energy and knowledge on increasing exports and entering new markets while growing stronger as a community and building up the ‘Turkish Kitchenware and Houseware’ brand globally.
Hard-wearing Ranks
Türkiye is the world’s 9th largest exporter in the kitchenware and houseware sector.
It is also the 8th largest exporting country to Europe. One of the secrets of increasing this success every year is Türkiye's ability to adapt easily to changing trends and usage habits in the world.

Hard-wearing Success

National Advantages
Reasons such as high-quality products certified to international standards, flexibility in production and services, short production times,

dependability in just-in-time deliveries and quality, highly competitive prices with high quality and functional and authentic design have made Türkiye one of the expert countries in houseware and kitchenware.

Product Types
Wooden Kitchenware and Houseware
Melamine and Plastic Kitchenware and Houseware
Porcelain Ceramic and Earthware
Iron, Steel, Aluminium and Copper Cookware and Kitchenware
Small electrical appliances
Giftware and Home Decor
Turkish Kitchenware & Houseware
Hard-wearing Workforce

With 90,000 sector professionals and 4,700 exporter firms, Türkiye is improving its workforce day by day.

Hard-wearing Investments

Due to investments in the sector and R&D, Türkiye produces its products in accordance with the latest trends and in the most durable way.

Affordable Prices

The production process is cost-effective, which results in affordable imports. 

Easy to Transport

Developments in land, sea, and air transport have made transportation easier in recent years. Türkiye can export houseware and kitchenware products to 200 countries.

All these hard-wearing wares are waiting for you. Now is the time to import them!

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