Turkish Lubricants

Mineral Oil Production Base

    Quick Facts
  • Processing Diversity
  • Powerful Raw Materials
  • Processing for Nature
  • Powerful Control
  • Accessible Processing
  • Power of Geopolitical Location
  • Export to
    55 countries
  • Production
    750 thousand tons
  • Companies
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of Türkiye
Türkiye, using its advantageous geographical and geopolitical position, has become the epicenter of the world's leading global brands in industrial and automotive lubricants, including the manufacturing, storage, and distribution of them.
Thanks to the R&D support given by the Turkish government to the sector, and the technology centers established as a result of cooperation with universities, it produces in accordance with all global standards.
Power of Processing
The Turkish mineral oil sector, which produces its products in world-standard facilities, exports its products to many countries in the world, especially Europe.
It not only develops its own structure, but also plays a role in the development and growth of many other sectors, from packaging to shipping, and in the formation of new employment areas.
Power of Vision
Türkiye, in line with technological knowledge and a vision based on flexible infrastructure, aims to increase its rich diversity by processing feedstocks and semi-products such as renewable hydrogen, waste carbon, sustainable biomass, wastes, natural and synthetic crude oil and renewable energy.

Innovative Processing in Türkiye!

National Advantages

Türkiye has an innovative R&D center specializing in mineral oils uncovered by scientific research focuses on understanding minerals suitable for low emission values, for more intensive protection, for extending the life of parts, and for superior technologies that optimize performance, save fuel and energy, and are more economical and provide ideal solutions for all sectors around the world.

Product Types
Light oils and preparations
Medium oils and preparations
Petroleum oils
Waste oils
Natural gas
Gaseous hydrocarbons
Mineral tars
Aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures
Types of wax
Hydrocarbons in a gaseous state
Liquefied propane
Bitumen-bituminous mixtures
Petroleum jelly
Ethylene, propylene, and butylene
Types of gases
Turkish Lubricants
Processing Diversity

Türkiye diversifies its products with R&D support, offering a wide range of products ranging from motor oils to petroleum jelly and from natural gas to industrial oils.

Powerful Raw Materials

Within the scope of the sector, studies are carried out to realize objectives such as protecting human health and the environment by providing the necessary technical and administrative measures, from the purchase of raw materials including those imported from mineral oil and petroleum products to the delivery of the products to the consumer.

Processing for Nature

The production of carbon-intensive fuels and products is increasing day by day to help people and businesses in Europe, to use increasingly efficient vehicle technologies and to achieve the goal of a low-emission and robust economy in the long term.

Powerful Control

Türkiye, which performs its production in facilities with world standards, mandates a TSE certificate for the mineral oils produced and performs all controls with great care.

Accessible Processing

Abundant production with low cost allows very advantageous export costs.

Power of Geopolitical Location

Türkiye, with its unique geopolitical position between continents and its coasts granting access to three different seas, can easily and quickly transport to many locations in the world.

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