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Paper is a thin material produced by pressing together moist fibers of cellulose pulp derived from wood, rags or grasses and then drying them into flexible sheets.
 A wide variety of trees can be grown in Türkiye, which is gradually increasing its forest coverage. This asset owed to the climatic diversity provided by its unique location brings about major advantages in the forestry products industry. The main export markets in this segment are Iran, Iraq, and Georgia. The paper-cardboard industry manufactures and exports a wide range of products from tissue paper to packaging boxes thanks to private ventures and modern production plants in Türkiye. Main importers of paper and cardboard include the United Kingdom, Iraq, and Israel.
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Today, our country shares the 4th place in Europe with France in cardboard packaging with a share of 12% placing it behind Germany, England, and Italy. In the same report, the production increase of Western European producers between 2017-2022 is expected to be between 1-2% and even decline in some of them, while the production of cardboard packaging in Türkiye is expected to increase by over 7% on average.
With this performance, it will claim the 3rd place in Europe in the near future behind Germany and Italy. 
Perfect Capacity
The annual production capacity of the Turkish plastic packaging sector is over 1.5 million tons.
The largest export markets are Germany, the UK, Iraq, Israel, and Italy, where plastic packaging can be recycled more often than paper due to its suitability for recycling as a result of increasing global environmental awareness. It has a 55-60% market share in total packaging exports. 

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National Advantages
Our main raw material comes from wood sector institutions and disappears in a very short time when left to nature, is non-polluting, environmentally friendly, and sustainable while producing large quantities of products using cardboard as material.

While Türkiye's endemic diversity and wide forest volume allow for more and higher quality production, plastic packaging is also produced environmentally friendly due to the state-of-the-art technology and infrastructural strength used.

Product Types
Plastic products for transport packagings
Plastic sheets & pellicles
Cardboard boxes
Cardboard products
Beverage cans & bottles
Pharmaceutical packaging
Promotional packaging
Food cans & tins
Aerosols & tubes
Closures and crown corks
General lines
Turkish Packaging
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Metal packaging exports from Türkiye keep growing, with its wide range of high-quality products and services, reaching 158 countries in the global market. The Turkish Metal Packaging Sector doesn’t produce only packaging but also assists with the economy and a healthy, sustainable environment. Additionally, Türkiye is proud to be the world’s 7th biggest aluminum container exporter for compressed or liquefied gas.

Perfect Services

After products are received from Turkish manufacturers, after-sales service is also available with quality not available in most countries. Turkish companies have a working culture that makes them available 24/7 to fulfill the customer's additional requests or in order to solve any problems that arise with the product, in the follow-up phase of delivery after selling the product. Customer satisfaction is considered a priority.

Perfect Workforce

Although Türkiye has technological facilities that are specialized in the packaging sector and are capable of producing high quality, it also has high know-how and specialized workforce.

Perfect Transportation

Due to its geographical location, Türkiye is close to the Western markets and product shipments can be made at the desired speed and security by means of road, air, and seaports.

Perfect Prices

In Türkiye, it is possible to find every quality packaging product for every need. Because of cost advantages such as cheap labor, high-quality products are able to be sold at more affordable prices.

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