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  • Various Sector Shades
  • Hues of Nature
  • Natural Colors
  • Hues of Technology
  • Optimum Prices
  • Hue of Globality
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of Türkiye
The paint industry in Türkiye has an important place in the main chemical industry. The Turkish paint industry maintains its activities through enduring development and as a major regional power with modern technological infrastructure and production capacity.
The Turkish paint and coatings industry is one of Europe’s largest. The market share of Türkiye in the global paint and coatings industry reached 2% with market size of 850,000 tons and a value of $2 billion. 
Meet the hues and shades!
Shades of Colors
In the decorative paint category, 80% of the sector's sales come from the renovation market. Decorative paints are very popular and developed, especially as furniture and wall paints are more frequently renewed.
Manufacturing on a wide scale ranging from packaging, maintenance paints, and protective paints to industrial paints, Türkiye produces the best quality paints to suit all needs.
Shades of Innovation
Thanks to the use of nanotechnology, antimicrobial, scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, high corrosion-resistant, soundproof, sunlight-resistant, self-cleaning, and easy-to-clean paints can be produced.
In addition, more durable, easy-to-paint, high-performance, rich in color-diversity, and reduced environmental-impact paint products are being developed every day in Türkiye.

Innovative Colors in Türkiye!

National Advantages
Smart functions, nanostructures, and multi-function combinations are high added-value features.

Türkiye is one of the few countries in the world with new generation paint production. UV-curable technologies in industrial paints, the transition from solvent-based paints to water-based paints, and the production of paints with low volatile organic compounds are steadily improving.

Product Types
Decorative Paints
Coil Coatings
Wood Paints
Powder Paints
Automotive Finishing and Transportation Paints
Packaging Paints
General Industrial Paints
Maintenance and Protective Paints
Marine Coatings
Printing Inks
Turkish Paints
Various Sector Shades

Türkiye, which continues to invest mainly in construction paints, also makes its investments in paints that can reach every sector, such as decorative paints and industrial paints.


Hues of Nature

Türkiye continues its investments to develop environmentally-friendly products in order to minimize the negative effects on the environment and to match the environmental demands of customers.

Natural Colors

There are about 150 plant species used in natural dye production in our country. It is possible to obtain hundreds of color nuances from the same plant. Environmentally friendly paints supported by regulations are developing in the sector on a daily basis.

Hues of Technology

Türkiye is very successful in producing special paints with intelligent systems thanks to its research and development structure and the technology it uses.

Optimum Prices

Türkiye is one of the best countries where you can buy rich products at minimum cost.

Hue of Globality

Due to Türkiye’s geographical proximity and its logistical advantage, the paint sector stands out with its export potential, especially in nearby markets. our country, with its international-quality product portfolio, exports its products to 45 countries. 

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