Turkish Rubber

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  • Flexible Types
  • Flexible Protection
  • Flexible Speed
  • Flexible Use
  • Flexible Price, Strong Quality
  • Flexible Transportation
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    90 countries
  • Production
    35 thousand tons
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Material from Türkiye
The story of the rubber industry in our country began in 1946.
The factory movement in our country first concentrated on Izmit, then developed around Istanbul. After 1980, the production of the sector developed primarily towards meeting the domestic demand. After 1990, exports in the sector began to increase. Over the years, the rubber sector has reached high figures in exports, as well as meeting the domestic needs, with worldwide investments in Türkiye. World brands such as Brisa, Goodyear, Pirelli, Petlas, and Fulda have production facilities in our country.  
Meet Flexible Material Strength!
Flexible Use Area
When looking at the usage areas of rubber products, it is preferred in the construction sector because it is robust, durable, low-maintenance, and resistant to corrosion. The most common application areas are door-window profiles, water pipes, water tanks, and roof siding. Their applications in agriculture are greenhouse covers, seedling covers, and irrigation pipes. Rubber is also used for electrical appliances, white goods, electronics, cables, and is used in the automotive sector.
A lot of the materials we use in daily life can be made of rubber, such as shoes, belts, umbrellas, handbags, and wallets. 
Flexible Strength
Rubber is used in all shock absorber systems. This is why press machines are used in floor assemblies.
It is long-lasting against impact and vibration. One of the most important and preferred reasons for using rubber is that it is a highly elastic material.

Flexible Production in Türkiye!

National Advantages
Türkiye’s rubber manufacturing industry is one of its most important sectors, making up 1.64% of the world’s total rubber exports.

It is preferred in rubber production because of its effective and fast production, high quality, and flexible facilities.

Product Types
Vulcanized rubber
Unvulcanized rubber
Synthetic rubber
Cellular rubber
Non-cellular rubber
Mixed rubber
Styrene-butadiene rubber
Ethylene-propylene diene rubber
Chloro-butadiene rubber
Butadiene rubber
Soft rubber
Technically specified natural rubber
Halo-isobutene-isoprene rubber
Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber
Synthetic rubber
Turkish Rubber
Flexible Types

Although natural rubber and synthetic rubbers constitute the main input of the industry, rubber varieties such as neoprene rubber, nitrile rubber, EPDM, SBR, butyl, and silicone rubbers are also produced. Türkiye is an expert in producing all types of rubber with the power to process raw materials.

Flexible Protection

Rubber, which is a very important product because of its softness, durability, adhesiveness, and water and air permeability features, is used extensively in areas such as insulation because it does not transmit electricity.

Flexible Speed

Rubber is produced faster in Türkiye than in European countries. It produces and supplies the desired products in the shortest possible time by means of rapid pattern manufacturing and solution-based partnerships.

Flexible Use

A large percentage of rubber production is in the automotive industry. Other benefits, such as being non-slip, soft, durable, and flexible, make this material your first choice for play equipment, shoes, mats, flooring materials, health supplies, household supplies, toys, and thousands of other rubber products. Rubber has a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures and is extremely diverse.

Flexible Price, Strong Quality

Despite the use of quality raw materials, Türkiye has more affordable production compared to Europe. This makes it easier to purchase maximum quality products for a minimum amount.


Flexible Transportation

Türkiye's geopolitical position provides flexible access to the products you wish to import. Transportation can be carried out from Türkiye to many countries by sea, air, and land transportation.

This flexible strength is waiting for you. Now, you can import it!

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