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of Türkiye
Surrounded by seas, masters have been doing meticulous and skilled work for centuries. In Türkiye, rare ships and yachts are produced with remarkable craftsmanship and superior service quality. This mastery in the Turkish shipbuilding industry is the result of more than 700 years of experience.
The tradition of shipbuilding began with the establishment of the first shipyard at Gallipoli in 1390 and continued for centuries in Anatolia. When the Haliç (Golden Horn) shipyard, whose stones have survived to this day, was established in 1455, Turkish shipyards were already known as the largest in the world! The shipyards, which were concentrated in the Bosphorus and Haliç during the Ottoman period, are now spread throughout the country, mainly in the Tuzla and Yalova region.
Meet the journey to the blue
Blue Sides
Surrounded by seas on three sides, Türkiye is a natural bridge between Asia and Europe. It has coasts on the Mediterranean, Aegean, and the Black Sea. There are 78 shipyards throughout the country that build ships and yachts for the private sector and carry out repair and maintenance activities. In total there are 468 coastal facilities, including 210 port facilities, 197 fishing shelters, and 61 marinas. In other words, it is a maritime country. Ships and yachts produced in Türkiye are exported to all parts of the world.
Compared to other countries, our country also stands out for its additional service values and price advantage. Today, the Turkish ship and yacht construction sector are among the major manufacturers of the world, both in pieces and tonnage. Especially in recent years the sector, whose rise has gained momentum, has reached the top positions in global markets.
Blue Variety
In Turkish shipyards, vessels of different types and various cargo capacities are built under the supervision of authorized inspection agencies and in accordance with international standards.
Ship types produced in Turkish shipyards include chemical tankers, fishing boats, container ships, bulk cargo ships, yachts, mega yachts, tugs, sailing boats, cargo ships, oil tankers, fast response boats, “Ice Class” passenger ships for polar journeys, patrol boats, military boats, speed boats, multi-purpose tankers, dry cargo ships, cement ships, and barges. Eighty percent of these are exported to the world. Turkish shipbuilding, yacht building, and shipbuilding subsidiary industries export to 150 countries per year.

Blue Journey in Türkiye!

National Advantages
Combining experience and knowledge from tradition with modern technology and education, the Turkish shipbuilding industry is a recognized and trusted international brand. In addition, Türkiye is among the 10 most important exporting countries in the world. As a growing force in the maritime sector, it is increasingly preferred in international markets for ship and yacht exports.

Geographical location, favorable climate conditions, centuries of experience and knowledge, production quality, strong industry, qualified labor force, and reasonable prices are among the factors that play an important role in this choice. The Turkish ship and yacht construction industry continues to contribute to the number of ships of both Türkiye and the rest of the world and continues to make its name known across the whole world.

Product Types
Fishing vessels
Vessels for the transport of both people and goods
Bulk Carrier
Marine Equipments
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Blue power of Türkiye

Turkish shipyards are also an important base for the repair and maintenance of world trade fleets. Every year, hundreds of ships and yachts are provided with repair and maintenance services.

Custom Journey

Turkish shipyards are among the world’s leading shipyards in terms of tailor-made ship deliveries as opposed to mass production. Turkish shipyards are a worldwide brand with experience and skill in the construction of specially qualified ships. This is the reason why countries that are leading in the maritime field, especially Norway, prefer Turkish shipyards when ordering ships.

Powerful Blue

Türkiye is among the world's 5 most important producers and exporters of fishing vessels. It is also among the leading countries in the world for “megayachts” of 25 meters and above. It ranks 4th in the world in the production of megayachts. At the same time, according to global order books, Türkiye is among the top 3 countries receiving the highest number of orders per period.

Blue Capacity

Türkiye is also among the leading producers in tonnage. Turkish shipyards have a repair and maintenance capacity of 25 million deadweight tonnage (DWT) and a new shipbuilding capacity of 4.4 million DWT. This capacity is much higher than the production, repair, and maintenance capacity of many shipbuilders in the country.


Right Pricing Policy

Türkiye is one of the few countries that have a policy of selling the right product for the right price.

Easy to Transport

Thanks to Türkiye’s unique geopolitical location, transportation is fast and easy.


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