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According to a recent Gartner report, Türkiye is now to be considered as one of the world’s outsourcing destinations since it has secured its place in the list of top 30 countries for Information Technology (IT), and offshore services.
In the last decade, the country has made excellent progress in the software sector, and this is reflected in the rise of its exports to many countries. 
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Smart Ranks
The Turkish ICT Sector has been the locomotive of the country’s Digital Transformation efforts, as well as working together with and increasing the productivity of all industry sectors in Türkiye. Supporting globally leading Turkish mobile operators and banks, as well as the increasingly self-sufficient defense industry, Turkish ICT companies are well-positioned to be the regional leaders. In US News’ “Best Countries 2019” rankings, It ranked 34th overall, 18th in power, and 36th in entrepreneurship.
While our country is ranked as 61st in the 2018 WEF Ranked Global Competitiveness Index, its innovation performance is ranked 19th with its strong research institutions, 49th in Growth of Innovative Companies, 13th in GDP/market size, and 86th in Venture Capital Availability rankings. 
Smart Companies
There are approximately 35 large companies operating in Türkiye’s software market. The product lines of these companies range from packaged programs to tailor-made software development for specific needs.
Almost always, the public sector requires custom-built software for their specific purposes, while the private sector effectively employs a mix of customized and generic software products. The sector provides software sales, software implementation, testing of software applications, support, operation, maintenance, software consultancy, and other software services with different offers.

Smart Development

National Advantages
As the information and communication technology (ICT) sector continues to rise in the world and in Türkiye, the software industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors. It must be noted that universities contribute a significant role in software development, IT, and related research and development.

It is the responsibility of Software Engineering education to prepare SE professionals by providing them with the skills they need to meet the expectations of the software industry. Universities in Türkiye have initiated Software Engineering undergraduate programs in the last decade. The increase in quality of education and the excess of the departments opened made students qualified, so the vision of the sector has always expanded while the productive workforce has increased. 

Services Types
Human Capital Management
Media and Marketing
Online and Mobile
Managed Services and IT Consulting
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Improved Advantages

All technoparks/cities in Türkiye are located in the 46 active TGZs, hosting about 3,233 technology establishments, which provide job opportunities to more than 32,000 employees. All of these technoparks are usually affiliated with universities and physically located within university campuses, giving them the advantage of hiring highly qualified R&D technical (faculty members) and research support staff (research assistants) from the related academic departments.

Improved Supports

In an attempt to encourage and support software developers, various tools have been developed by state institutions and offered to companies. 

Improved Competition

The Turkish software sector is perceived to be competitive on a global scale with successful applications in different business domains. 

Improved Pricing

Türkiye is one of the countries where you can buy software systems at affordable prices with pricing that remains appropriate for their quality.


From Türkiye to Everywhere

Türkiye's geopolitical position, which is surrounded by the Mediterranean, Aegean, and the Black Sea, allows it to easily reach almost anywhere in the world.

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