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Touches from Türkiye
Türkiye's second-largest export sectors are the textile and ready-to-wear sectors, which also give Türkiye the largest foreign trade surplus. With this strength of the textile and apparel sectors, integrated manufacturing comes from this structure.
Türkiye is one of several countries on Earth to have self-sufficiency where the final product is completed starting from cotton production through all production stages including knitting and woven. One of the most important dynamics of this strong production structure is the woven and knitting fabric sector.
Meet the softest touch
Soft & Powerful
Türkiye, which has strong production and export capacity in all sub-product groups in woven fabrics, exports of woven fabrics are done to more than 170 countries, knitted fabrics to more than 150 countries, and ranks in the top 10 in the world in woven fabrics exports.
Türkiye keeps up to date on new technologies with full-time R & D studies and supports the studies needed for implementation.
Technical Touches
In short, textile, which we can define as the art and technology of obtaining surfaces from all kinds of fibers, has become the most important of a wide range of light, flexible and robust advanced material production techniques ranging from nanometer scales to macro dimensions.
With this development, new concepts such as technical textiles, industrial textiles, functional and intelligent textiles have emerged. Türkiye's technical textile exports grew by more than 80% in the last 10 years, also it has achieved a significant breakthrough in technical textiles.

Touches of Innovation in Türkiye!

National Advantages
The Turkish fabric sector also makes a difference against its global competitors with its strong designs. Türkiye is the world's 6th largest cotton producer.

Türkiye's first and only international fabric design competition has been held continuously for 15 years in the fabric sector in order to strengthen the perception of design in Türkiye. Türkiye, which has strong production and export capacity in all sub-product groups of woven fabrics, exports woven fabrics to more than 170 countries and knitted fabrics to more than 150 countries.

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Turkish Textile
Advantages of Technical Touches

The main advantages of technical textiles can be listed as a high added value, higher profit margin, routine production independent of fashion and season, comfortable working in large batches, less affected by economic crises, and higher market stability.

Innovational Touches

Türkiye can produce nanotechnological, antibacterial, breathable, non-flammable, non-wrinkled, non-sweaty fabrics, and its investments in technical textiles and increased day by day.

Different Touches

Rather than just uniform fabrics, Turkey makes the necessary investment in each of the technical, woven, and knitted fabrics and gives the necessary support to R & D employees in product development. In this way, the same quality is seen in all types of fabric, while the high-quality standards do not change.

Softness for the Body

Türkiye, aware of skin sensitivity and anatomy, perform its fabrics in the healthiest and highest quality way, which does not irritate the skin, and while they extend the life of the fabrics, they do not harm the health thanks to their sensitive touch.

Right Price

Thanks to Türkiye's richness of raw materials and improved production, the products are sold at the most competitive pricing.

Fast & Easy Transportation

Due to its geopolitical position and being a developed country, exports can be made from Türkiye to almost anywhere in the world.

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