Turkish Tobacco

Oriental and Rich Flavors

    Quick Facts
    • The biggest classic oriental tobacco producer
    • Totally sun-cured
    • 60.000 tons of leaf tobacco exportation
    • 50.000 contracted farmers
  • Export to
    50 countries
  • Production
    80.000 tons of leaf tobacco
  • Companies
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Tobaccos from Türkiye
Türkiye is the top producing country of oriental tobacco which is the essential ingredient for American blend cigarettes due to its aromatic taste and smell.
With more than 50 thousand contracted and specialized farmers, the highest quality orientals are grown under special conditions, unique to the areas in which the companies operate. The combination of seed-type and growing practices create the aroma in the leaf, which is much smaller than other main varieties of tobacco. All oriental tobacco is cured using natural sunlight only, in specially designed curing frames.
Meet the oriental flavors
Oriental Tastes
The name "Turkish" refers to the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the historic tobacco production areas until the early 20th century. Oriental tobacco or Turkish tobacco is the smallest and most resistant of the three plant varieties.
As the name suggests, it thrives particularly well in hot areas such as Türkiye and the Middle East. These conditions and the high planting density, combined with a corresponding variety of Turkish tobacco, produce an aromatic smoking flavor which is very mild with a slightly sweet and highly aromatic taste.
Oriental Finish
The journey begins with the cultivation and harvest of the tobacco plants. Thereafter, in large industrial facilities, tobacco is converted into tobacco products which are industrial commodities.
Finally, tobacco products arrive at their final destination, i.e. the consumer, via sales channels. In Türkiye, most of the tobacco produced are of the Oriental type. Its finish has a milder flavor and contains less nicotine and fewer carcinogens than other varieties.

Oriental Flavours in Türkiye!

National Advantages
The tobacco plant forms a layer of wax on its leaves to prevent dehydration. This contains some natural aromatic oils.

The result is reinforced by the sun drying process since it promotes these chemical transformations. Turkish tobaccos may contain up to 100% sun-dried tobacco.

Oriental Power

The Black Sea region is a very rich region in terms of raw material growing and processing. The products grown in the right climatic conditions are both high quality and have a tastier aroma.

Oriental Productivity

Türkiye exports 60 thousand tons of oriental tobacco to 50 countries per year and it offers premium quality oriental tobacco to its buyers. Around 74 thousand tons of tobacco, grown in the form of family farming in Türkiye, is produced on approximately 925,048 hectares of land.

Oriental Notes

Turkish tobaccos have their own unique, characteristic flavors and oriental notes. While average sugar ratios range from 6% to 23%, the taste it leaves in the mouth is aromatic. Their nicotine levels are between 0.50% and 2.60%.

Oriental Development

Tobacco, which has been known for over five hundred years in world history and is grown in Anatolian lands for over four hundred years, is of great importance to the Turkish economy. Tobacco, which relates to a large number of people in terms of its production, consumption, and trade, is an industrial plant that virtually sums up socio-economic and political life.

Right Price

Türkiye's raw material wealth and production quality allow it to export surplus products at the right price.

Easy to Transportation

Due to Türkiye’s geographic location, products can be easily exported to almost anywhere in the world.

All these oriental tastes are waiting for you. Now, you can import them!

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