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  • Safer Toys
  • Pedagogic Toys
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  • Quality and Safe Materials
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Toy Production
The biggest feature of the most preferred toys is that they are not harmful to health, which is possible by producing them with the right raw materials and product contents.
Safe toy manufacturers run on amenities and services provided in the Turkish market.
Meet safer toys!
Quality and Safety
It is very important that a toy is produced from quality material, is shaped in a way that does not harm the child, and that the playing experience is safe.
Türkiye takes precautions against possible harmful situations by using the highest quality materials in toy production. In addition to quality materials, toys produced in accordance with child development also support education during play.
Secure Deals
The biggest responsibility for countries that want to export toys is ensuring that the products are healthy and affordable.
Türkiye is making toy production attractive due to its exchange rate advantage and its wealth of raw materials. Its production, transportation, and cost offer you the best possible deal.

Only Safe Toys Exist in Türkiye!

National Advantages
In recent years, the diversity of products in the toy industry has led to the emergence of unsafe toys.

Türkiye, as a country conscious of children’s health and development, strives to produce the best quality and safest toys with all its facilities. Production according to European standards is always documented and presented with evidence and substances that may harm children are avoided.

Product Types
Toys on wheels
Electric race cars
Roller skates
Turkish Toys
Safer Toys

Türkiye demands a TSE certificate for its productions. Only harmless toys can be put up for sale and required inspections are always carried out.

Pedagogic Toys

Child development is a very sensitive issue. In Türkiye, child development experts research and document which games and toys are beneficial for child development so toys can be produced pedagogically to great effect.

Safe Playing Experience

The design of toys is very important to ensure that children do not harm themselves. In order to have safer playing experiences for children, attention is paid to the designs and materials used in toys produced in Türkiye.

Quality and Safe Materials

The substances used in toys produced in Türkiye are inspected and documented. The highest quality raw materials are processed in the highest quality manner.

Innovative Toys

With the development of technology, children's interests constantly change and toys that can benefit them are becoming progressively diverse. Türkiye produces the useful toys for children by following all trends and developments.

Toys with Best Costs

The exchange rate advantage and low-cost production opportunities are a great advantage for countries that want to import at a low price.

Safe Shipment

The toy is a logistically voluminous product,  providing advantages to Türkiye. The toy production companies in our country are able to quickly meet demands while adhering to international regulations and without sacrificing quality standards.

All these safe toys are waiting for you. Now is the time to import them!

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