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Wine: A Delicious Drink

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  • Encouragement for Wine
  • Wine from Top Quality Grapes
  • The World’s Choice is Turkish Wine
  • Various Flavors of Wine
  • Affordable Quality Wines
  • Easy Transportation of Wine
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of the Turkish Wine
Our country ranks 6th in the world for grape production,
producing more than 4 million tons of grapes per year in a 500 thousand hectare vineyard area, the world’s 4th largest grape growing area after Spain, France, and Italy. Türkiye is also one of the founding members of the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine).
Meet Turkish wine!
History of Turkish Wine
Today, it is known that wine production started in Eastern Anatolia. The history of viticulture in this region dates back about 6000 years. The first historical record of wine production in the region is recorded as Nippur tablets, among the oldest written documents in the world, dated to 3800 BC. According to Hugh Johnson, a prominent wine writer it is natural to claim that Türkiye is the homeland of wine if the vineyards planted in Noah’s Ararat Mountains are considered to be the first vineyards
He also adds that there is evidence of wine consumption by upper socioeconomic class Hittites during the 4th century BC.
Advantage Of Turkish Wine
Türkiye, bridging Europe and Asia, is surrounded by seas on three sides and has altitudes ranging from sea level to mountain ranges over 5,000 meters high. These ecological characteristics result in a variety of climatic conditions throughout the country, giving it a biological richness more so than any of its neighboring countries.
This ecological mosaic provides nesting and breeding areas for thousands of fauna and flora species. Two of the four migratory routes of the West Palaearctic Region pass over Türkiye. More than 11,000 plant species, of which 3,000 are endemic, have been identified in our country.

Special Vineyards in Türkiye

National Advantages
Our country invests in quality wine production.

Türkiye's soils are extremely favorable for grape growing and approximately 4 million tons of grapes are produced annually in 500 thousand hectares of vineyard, making it the sixth-largest country in the world in grape production.

Product Types
Turkish Citrus Turkish Wine
Encouragement for Wine

Türkiye gives full support to producers in wine and winemaking. This allows for more wine vineyards to be opened and their quality to be continuously increased. 

Wine from Top Quality Grapes

Türkiye is situated in the most favorable climate zone of the world for viticulture. The most concrete evidence of this is that viticulture in Anatolia dates back to the 35th century BC. In many regions, the highest quality grapes have been grown for centuries.

The World’s Choice is Turkish Wine

As one of the 4 countries producing the best wines in the world, Türkiye conducts high levels of wine exports due to high product quality.

Various Flavors of Wine

Possessing the most suitable climate for grape growing in the world, Türkiye has high-quality grapes, making one experience the difference with their color, aroma, and flavor.

Affordable Quality Wines

Abundant production with fair costs allows for very advantageous export costs.

Easy Transportation of Wine

Due to Türkiye’s advantageous location, products can be easily and quickly transported to any country over sea, land, or airways.

Turkish wine is waiting for you. Now is the time to import it!

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