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Türkiye: A Forest Country

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of Forests
The Anatolian Region is a major trade hub with respect to its quality forest resources, commerce network, ports, land and airway connections, and high export potential.
Türkiye, thanks to its climate, has the highest quality forest on its landscape and ranks 4th by forest area in Europe. We are aiming at boosting this regional and natural capacity for wood products. Wood products, which can be described as the outstanding items of the forestry sector, a featured branch of the Turkish industry, comes to the fore with its volume of workplaces and employment opportunities. Our firms are reliable and long-established institutions that are capable of manufacturing and delivering high-quality wooden products under international standards and in line with desired sizes in a timely manner.
Meet the country of forests
Products from Forests
The Turkish wood industry guarantees the timely delivery of eco-friendly wood products of the best quality and appropriate use of raw materials in accordance with global certification criteria.
Producers of long-life, durable, and eco-friendly wood products originating in Türkiye are seeking to be your powerful business partner!
Forests for Life
In the face of climate change and limited resources of fossil fuels, biomass energy production is spreading rapidly in the direction of renewable energy sources, and this increases the demand for wood even further.
The General Directorate of Forestry, which follows production and marketing policies based on market development and raw material expectations of the forest industry, has increased its production significantly in recent years by taking into account positive economic developments, growth potential in the construction sector, and growth capacity of the industry.

Unique Forests

National Advantages
Forest resources in Türkiye lie in a transitional zone between temperature and tropical belts and include continental sections of Asia and the eastern part of the Mediterranean region.

It has a total land area of close to 80 million hectares with the continually increasing forests covering 27.4% of the country’s land area. According to The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations report, it is ranked among the first ten countries in the world that have extensively realized afforestation works. Türkiye also has one of the richest floras in the world with 9,000 herbaceous and woody plant species.

Product Types
Wood’s Finished Goods
Woodwork Goods
Turkish Wood Products
Smart Products from Forests

Increasing innovation, design, and brand awareness allow for the production of smart furniture with modern designs. Türkiye adapts smart furniture to the increasing demand for environment-friendly products while production takes place in modern production facilities and is customized to the customer's demands.

Respect for Forests

While increasing production, Türkiye takes care to not disrupt the natural structure of our forests and to not compromise the principles and criteria of sustainable forest management.

Forest Products’ Competitiveness

Türkiye's forest products sector has further increased its international competitiveness by setting strategic targets and policies for the furniture and sheet sector.

Right Pricing Policy

Due to the fact that Türkiye is a forest country, it is possible to export the products at the highest quality and at an affordable price.

From Türkiye to Everywhere

Türkiye's geopolitical position surrounds it by the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Black Sea, so it can easily reach almost anywhere in the world.

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