Top Reasons For Trading With Türkiye
A Secure Trade Network for 230 Countries

Türkiye is one of the founding members of the World Trade Organization and part of the EU Common Market for goods since 1996. We are trading with 230 different countries and constantly looking around the world for new customers to do business with.

With half of the Turkish exports destined to European markets each year, Türkiye is a well-integrated and trusted part of global production chains in various industries and Turkish products are known for their durableness and profitableness in the global markets. The reliability of the Turkish market is evident in the number of different countries that we trade with.

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Wide Variety of Sectors and Products

Türkiye offers abundant opportunities in a wide variety of sectors, pulling ahead of the competition in terms of quality and value for money. 

It provides over 16.000 different products, a number which is constantly increasing through innovative and specific solutions. The capability to produce and export a variety of products makes Türkiye the perfect supplier for all your demands in all stages of the supply chain.

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Power of 95.000 Exporters

In Türkiye, exporters are tremendously skilled! Many of our exporters are family businesses with expertise that often spans more than a hundred successful years. Besides these family businesses, a substantial amount of the exporters are large scale enterprises Between commodity and services exports, you have a total of 95.000 exporters to choose from, allowing imports of a wide variety with remarkable quality. Would you like to experience these services and products and their trademark Turkish quality?

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Grand Production Hub for Multinationals

Foreign businesses and multinationals are increasingly choosing Türkiye as a preferred hub for manufacturing and exports.

It is home to many reputable international companies that produce and sell from within its borders.

With 50.000 companies to choose from that offer a great amount of product variety, you are guaranteed to find the best choice. The world’s biggest countries choose us to get the highest quality products, as one can always find the best products in the Turkish market. The Turkish market always offers its visitors multiple choices for any product demands.

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Logistic Capacities and Customs Facilities

Türkiye’s geopolitical location and its logistic capabilities and customs facilities give it great potential to trade with various countries all over the world, as it is a natural bridge between both the East-West and the North-South axes. This allows the country to function as an efficient and cost-effective hub to major markets. ​

If you are looking for an efficient hub , ask Türkiye first.