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Turkish Machinery for Manufacturing

The Turkish machinery industry exports high-quality products to many countries due to its engineering capabilities,

ideal prices, young workforce, sufficient facilities, rapid adaptation to international manufacturing standards, domestic supply of raw materials, developing technology, growing economy, and developing figures. Machinery is Türkiye’s leading sector with the highest added value and the sector is competitive on global scale in more than 200 countries.

Turkish Machinery

Developed infrastructure, training opportunities, tax incentives, common use areas, and organized industrial zones are the preferred investment areas of the machinery sector.

The machinery sector, which meets 9.6% of the total employment in the manufacturing industry with the capability of employing 481 thousand people in Türkiye, stands out with its high added value and export capacity.

Turkish Machinery Export

Over the last 22 years, machinery export has increased 17-fold. More than 200 countries around the world use Turkish machines. The percentage of Turkish machines exported to USA and EU countries is 60. Machines come first in products that Germany and USA import from Turkey. 


Türkiye has more than 300 organized industrial zones. Its logistics facilities, specialization in high-tech manufacturing for major industries, and vast experience in flexible and custom production with SMEs make it one of the world's leading industrial countries, and a strategic business partner.

Türkiye is a country of technology dedicated to engineering! Its support for scientists and engineers, 44% of them being women, deepens its knowledge in niche areas. With 1,200 R&D centers across the country and investments in advanced technologies and innovation, it is becoming a major force on the globe.

Türkiye, with its competitive pricing and fast delivery, is one of the countries where you can buy high-tech products at the most affordable prices.

Due to its geographical location situated at the meeting point of three continents, Türkiye is able to offer fast and convenient transportation to nearly all countries.