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Why Türkiye

If you are looking for an efficient hub, Ask Türkiye first!

Türkiye’s geopolitical location, its logistic capabilities and customs facilities give it great potential to trade with various countries all over the world, as it is a natural bridge between both the East-West and the North-South axes.

If you are looking for a top tier supplier, Ask Türkiye first!

In Türkiye , between commodity and services exports, you have a total of 95.000 exporters and 16.000 products to choose from, allowing imports of a wide variety with remarkable quality. This capability to produce and export a variety of products makes Türkiye the perfect supplier for all your demands in all stages of the supply chain.

If you are looking for a trustful partner! Ask Türkiye first!

We are trading with 230 different countries and constantly looking around the world for new customers to do business with. Türkiye is a well-integrated and trusted part of global production chains in various industries , with half of the Turkish exports destined to European markets each year.